Marquise Cut Diamonds and Gemstones

The wide variety of different objects marquise cut diamonds have been compared to – a smile, football, an eye, and more – speaks to how unique and visually interesting the cut is, but diamond cutters often refer to it as a “navette.” In French, navette means “little ship” and the word perfectly describes the hull-like shape you see in a marquise cut diamond. Regardless of what object you think it most resembles or what word you think best describes the unique shape, there is no denying the fact that a marquise cut gemstone is a great option for brides seeking a non-traditional look.


What Is An Asscher Cut Diamond?

Essentially a blend of the princess and emerald cuts, Asscher cut diamonds have brilliant faceting with X-shaped facets that go from the corners to the center cutlet. The cut features a flat table, big step facets, near-perfect symmetry, and a high crown with truncated corners that technically make Asscher cut gemstones an octagon, but they appear more like squares when the stone is set.


Emerald Cut Diamonds and Gemstones

Emerald cut diamonds and gemstones are some of the most unique cuts on the market with elegant, steeped cuts resembling stairs that stray from the traditional triangle or kite-shaped facets. The unique look alone makes emerald cut engagement rings, diamonds, gemstones, and other jewelry a popular choice for those looking to stand out and make a statement with a distinctive piece but it’s the popularity among celebrities that has really sent this trend skyrocketing. From Jennifer Lopez to Beyoncé to Angelina Jolie and more – it seemed like every celebrity that’s gotten engaged over the past few years has an emerald cut engagement ring and other emerald cut diamonds complimenting their outfits at red carpet events. Thanks to their influence, emerald cuts diamonds and other gemstones are now immensely popular and the trend looks like it’s here to stay.


Round Brilliant Diamonds Explained

Did you know that three out of every four jewelry clients have jewelry made with a round brilliant diamond? The round brilliant is classic & compliments every look and style.

In addition to its timeless appearance, this cut design has a low chipping risk and possesses the most sparkle & scintillation of any cut. Keep reading to learn more about this diamond cut.


Everything You Want to Know About Pear-Cut Diamonds

The pear cut or teardrop gemstone is one of the most popular cuts on the market today. That’s because, similarly to the round cut, it maximizes the gem’s potential for sparkling. It’s also a popular cut for rings due to its capacity to make the finger look thinner and longer. However, rings aren’t the only piece of jewelry that is suited for this gem.


Princess Cut Gemstones

For engagement rings, the second most popular choice of diamonds is the princess cut. This square-shaped diamond haPs between 58 to 76 facets with a rounded top, resembling the shape of a pyramid that can brightly reflect light from one of its four beveled sides. If you are considering a princess cut for your special occasion, there are a few things to keep in mind.


Sustainable Gold – A More Responsible Alternative to Mining

Why Should You Care About Ethically Sourced Gold and Precious Metals?

Why Should You Care About Ethically Sourced Gold and Precious Metals

Mining and sourcing of gold, precious metals, diamonds, and gemstones come at a great cost to human lives, communities, and the environment, something that’s not usually considered when one steps out to buy a piece of jewelry which is why we use 100% recycled gold and always recommend recycled gold.


How To Know If Your Jewelry Is Worth Repairing

Many people have a similar problem: pushed to the back of the jewelry box is a piece of jewelry that is never worn because it’s in need of repair. People often are unsure if their jewelry is worth the cost of repair or if it can even be fixed. If you are holding on to damaged jewelry, either because you’re not sure if it’s valuable or because it is dear to your heart, here are a few suggestions to help you decide if you should repair it or let it go. 


Top 5 Reasons Personalized Jewelry Makes The Perfect Gift

Personalized jewelry is a fantastic gift for any loved one. Whether you want to give a memorable anniversary present to your spouse or partner, you’d like to give Grandma a custom necklace with the birthstones of her grandkids, or you’d like to give a child, sibling, friend, or any other loved one an unforgettable gift, a personalized piece of jewelry is a wonderful choice.

With a personalized piece of jewelry, you can take the recipient’s style and preferences into account, and give them a gift that will be truly meaningful – and that they will wear and love for the years and decades to come. Below, we’ll discuss the top 5 reasons that personalized jewelry is the perfect present for someone special in your life.