Jewelry Appraisals & Evaluations in Colorado Springs

Are you curious to know the value of a piece of jewelry that has been in your family for generations? Did you recently find or purchase a piece that you think might be worth something? Regardless, our jewelry appraisal experts can identify its value and help you understand what you have.

At Revolution Jewelry Works, we offer appraisal and evaluations for a variety of pieces. Whether you need a ring appraisal, necklace appraisal, bracelet appraisal, or another kind of jewelry appraisal, our experts can tell you its value and give you more basic information about the piece.

Appraisals, also called jewelry evaluations, are estimated of values formulated by an expert using testable and traceable methods to reach their evaluation. Our experienced appraisal professionals will inspect your jewelry closely, testing, grading, measuring, and photographing it in addition to doing some research in order to confidently arrive at an evaluation. This process can take some time, and you may need to leave your jewelry with us so we can do the necessary testing and be thorough.

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Common reasons why jewelry is appraised

Satisfying your curiosity isn’t the only reason you should consider our jewelry appraisal services. People who plan on selling their jewelry will often get a professional appraisal beforehand, so they know how to price their pieces. Jewelry appraisals are also commonly appraised for insurance reasons. Appraisals help insurance companies set coverage limits on the policies they offer and ensure that, should a piece ever be lost or damaged, you can have the piece replaced or repaired. This is why many people choose to get a wedding ring appraisal, as this is one of the most important and expensive pieces of jewelry they own, and they likely have insurance on it. Jewelry is also commonly appraised in the event of a divorce, estate sale or distribution, or charitable donation.

Our Pricing

Standard Appraisal: $100 per item

Drop off anytime during our normal business hours Tuesday-Friday 10a-6p or Saturday 9a-4p. Services are completed within 5 business days.

While-You-Wait Appraisal: $200 per item

By appointment only. Call 719.650.6000 when you are ready to schedule. Appraisals take 45-60 minutes per item.

Estate Evaluation: $180 per hour (1-hour minimum)

By appointment only.  With this service we will assist in sorting any/all jewelry articles from an estate by genuine pieces versus costume jewelry, metal type and purity, and broad values to better help determine which items most critically require full written appraisals.  We are able to sort and classify up to 60 items per hour if the collection is organized (no tangled chains, sorted into zip-lock bags/jewelry trays/tackle box compartments).

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