Getting a ring for yourself or a loved one is a timeless way of showing commitment, celebrating a milestone, or showing appreciation. Rings are pieces of jewelry that evoke big feelings and events and getting them to fit perfectly is very important for the experience. 

Although giving or receiving a ring is such a personal, intimate gesture, needing a ring resizing in Colorado Springs is far from uncommon, no matter how well one knows the person who they get a ring for. Achieving that perfect fit is part of the charm of receiving a ring since it’s supposed to feel like it belongs on your finger and was specially made for it. 

Let’s look more closely at how well a ring should fit, and how to get ring sizing in Colorado Springs.


Sometimes, it’s hard for customers to determine the ideal size of a ring. The principle is to get it to fit comfortably without forcing it on but also have it stay in place and not rotate excessively, bother your other fingers, or slide off accidentally.  A ring that fits perfectly will need a bit of extra effort to get in past the knuckle, but it will rest comfortably on your finger once it’s there. 

A ring that is too big can be easily lost and it will never feel comfortable due to excessive spinning and “wiggle room”, but a ring that’s a bit too small can easily feel like a good fit at first, only to trouble you later if you have any swelling in your joints. If you have to push more than 1 to 3 seconds past the knuckle, consider resizing it to a looser fit and adjust the ring size. 

When trying on a ring to check if it’s a good size for your finger, slide it on and off a few times. It’s important to note that it should slide on more easily than it comes off. 


Jewelers use several methods to adjust ring size. It depends on the metal, design, and if there are gemstones in the ring. Most rings can be resized, but there are a few exceptions. 

Some rings cannot be resized easily, or at all. For example, titanium rings are more difficult to resize than silver or gold rings and have a limited range they can be manipulated to.  Tungsten and ceramic cannot be adjusted ring size at all. 

Rings that have a special design on the shank will take more time to resize, or don’t allow such modification at all. Rings with diamonds or gemstones around the entire shank, or tension-set rings can be almost impossible to work with (often needing a gap of metal if a resizing is necessary), so make sure the size fits correctly when you buy it. 

In some cases, when you want the ring to be a surprise and a prior fitting is not possible. You can take a ring that the person wears frequently and use it as a reference. In these situations, we recommend choosing a design that can be easily modified, or let the person know that you would like to get them a ring and a fitting is required beforehand. 


When a ring is too big, the shank typically needs to be resized. This can be done by simply cutting out a segment of the shank (which is the round part of the ring that goes around your finger), then soldering it closed. The jeweler is able to make the connection seamless by polishing and cleaning the ring until it looks pristine. 

Another way to make a slightly bigger ring fit the finger is to add sizing assistants to the inside of the shank. They are small beads of metal added on the inside to make the fit tighter. This solution doesn’t affect the shape or quality of the ring, and the sizing beads can easily be removed in case the ring does need to be bigger in the future.

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One of the simplest methods of Revolution Jewelry Works is by making a ring bigger is to cut the shank on the bottom side and add more metal to the gap. Cleaning and polishing the seam will, of course, make it invisible, and the jeweler will choose the same metal as your ring to avoid color discrepancies. 

Another method appropriate for rings that are just slightly too small and have no gemstones or diamonds is to stretch the shank while the metal is moldable and get the ring to the right size. This method should not be used for big size differences or rings with stones, as stretching the ring too much will make it thin, deformed, and fragile. 

As mentioned before, some rings can adjust the ring size, and some can’t. If you have a ring with gemstones or intricate design, the jeweler might avoid certain procedures, or warn you that your ring will not look the same. 

The costs to adjust the ring size should also be taken into consideration as they can vary quite a lot. Some factors include the type of metal, style of the ring, the number of diamonds of gemstones, the thickness and width of the shank, and the presence of ornamental elements such as engraving. For example, the enlargement of a platinum ring with intricate designs and many gemstones will cost much more than making a plain gold wedding band smaller. 


If you have received or given a ring and you’re not sure about the fit, visit an experienced jeweler to discuss your ring size. They will be able to assess if your ring resizing Colorado Springs, what method will be best, and be able to give you a quote to complete the work. 

When you need ring resizing in Colorado Springs, choose the experts at Revolution Jewelry Works, as they have the experience to choose the fitting method for you and achieve ideal results. 

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