Meet the Team

Jennifer Farnes - Owner, Master Faceter, Graduate Gemologist
Jennifer Farnes – Owner, Master Faceter, Graduate Gemologist
Jennifer Farnes was born, raised, and attended college in Montana. As a child, her brothers would take her adventuring into the mountains in search of rocks, fossils, and crystals. From sapphire hunting and digging for garnets, to panning for gold and collecting minerals, her love of the outdoors and rock-hounding never subsided. In 2003 she accepted an opportunity to learn the art of stone faceting, which expanded her love of rocks into a new career. She is a full-time Master Faceter, providing custom gemstone cutting and lapidary services to jewelers across the country. She has continued her education in the jewelry industry by receiving recognition as a Graduate Gemologist.  Jennifer is the heart and soul of Revolution Jewelry Works and provides expertise in all aspects of custom jewelry design.

Janelle McNeil - Jewelry Innovator
Janelle McNeil – Master Jeweler, Shop Manager, Resident Canary
Janelle McNeil is a native of Colorado and is a third-generation jeweler. She grew up in her grandparents and parents jewelry stores apprenticing under her mother. She has spent the past 15 years doing jewelry repair around Colorado, but in the last six years she has been pursuing her real passion of custom jewelry design. She likes trying new setting techniques and incorporating different types of mediums. Her goal is to create jewelry in Colorado Springs that makes a statement or at least starts a conversation. You can also purchase her personal designs at Revolution Jewelry Works from her design collection, “Nell Marie”.

Amanda Segovia - Showroom Manager
 Amanda Segovia – Showroom Manager, Wine Aficionado
Amanda was born in the Washington DC area and has lived and traveled all over the world. Her husband proudly serves in the United States Air Force and has relocated them to Colorado for their current adventure. Jewelry and wine have been a passion of Amanda’s for almost 22 years. When living in Europe, Amanda’s parents brought her to Idar-Oberstein, Germany which is very well known for their gems and jewelry. There she fell in love with all things beautiful and realized how much fun the jewelry industry can be. Her happiness lies in assuring all guests have the best experience possible, finding the perfect piece of jewelry and creating lifelong memories.

Mason Fuchs - Jewelry Architect & Music Enthusiast
Mason Fuchs – Jewelry Architect, Music Enthusiast
Mason Fuchs grew up in Mitchell, SD where he spent much of his free time in his best friend’s family jewelry store. After graduating from Minnesota State University Moorhead in 2012, he decided to pursue a career in jewelry production. Mason soon completed an apprenticeship under master goldsmith Tom Arnold, and has been working in fine jewelry ever since. Whether helping clients on the sales floor or sharpening skills behind the bench, he finds great satisfaction in all aspects of custom jewelry design and the jewelry industry. Mason moved to Colorado Springs in 2015, where he worked for a local trade shop before coming on board to the Revolution Jewelry Works team. In his downtime he enjoys reading science fiction and listening to his record collection.

Caleb O'Leary - Fine Jeweler, Motorhead
 Caleb O’Leary – Fine Jeweler, Fabricator, Motorhead
Caleb was born and raised in Colorado Springs & is a kickball enthusiast and self-proclaimed motor head (owning an average of 7 personal vehicles). Several years ago his older brother introduced him to the jewelry industry by showing him how to size a ring at the trade shop he was employed with.  Caleb mimicked the process, sized a ring, and had a job in the same trade shop the very next day!  He has always been a people person, but working in a trade shop meant the same tasks day after day.  Since joining Revolution, he has realized the one thing missing from his jewelry life was getting to see surprise and joy in peoples faces upon receiving their jewelry in dazzling finished condition.  He especially loves hugs from clients when an heirloom has been restored to it’s original glory.

Kelly Jewett - CAD Designer, Graduate Gemologist
Kelly Jewitt – CAD Designer, Graduate Gemologist, Master Caster
Kelly was born and raised in Fort Myers, Florida where she started her own jewelry business creating wire & beadwork designs. Pursuing her passion for jewelry, Kelly was excited to be accepted into the Tyler School of Art at Temple University in Philadelphia, one of the leading art schools for Metals, Jewelry, and CAD-CAM. After graduating with a BFA, she returned to Florida where she began working for a small, high-tech, full custom jewelry store. Kelly was able to expand her knowledge and assist with manufacturing while with their team for five years. She then pursued Gemology in San Diego, California where she got her Graduate Gemology degree from GIA. In 2020, Kelly moved to Colorado and joined the Revolution team; and is excited to be back on the design and production side of the business. Her favorite part of the job is bringing designs to life and making pieces of jewelry that clients have always wanted but could never find!

Susan Kim - RJW Metalsmith
Susan Kim – Metalsmith, Chief Cat Herder
Susan received a Masters of Fine Art at the prestigious School for American Craft at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. As well as completing her Bachelor’s degree in Metalsmithing at Miami University of Ohio, her diverse industry experience ranges from the manufacturing of David Yurman pieces to hand fabricating one-of-a-kind creations for designers in New York and Florida. Susan is a first generation Korean-American. During the 1970s, her mother emigrated to the US from South Korea. Her mother scrimped and saved as a single parent working fourteen to sixteen-hour long days as a small restaurant owner to give her only daughter the American Dream of a better life and a promising future. It was her mother’s life experiences that instilled in Susan the value of hard work and a lifelong ideology that a job is incomplete unless it’s done well. It is this tenacity that has driven her throughout her education and industry career.

Kathryne Krenzke – Repair Liaison
Kathryne Krenzke – Repair Liaison, D&D Geek
Kathryne was born and raised in Festus, Missouri, and attended the University of Missouri for Geographic Information Systems and English. She grew up beading and crafting clay-based jewelry as a hobby and has special memories of repairing costume pieces with her Grandmother. When friends and family would ask her to create original designs for special events, she discovered a love art and design. It wasn’t until a decade later that she would find a way to make her hobby a career when she took a position as an apprentice in a trade shop. Today she enjoys expanding her knowledge of jewelry and has newfound passion for the industry overall.

Caitlin Geyer – Repair Liaison
Caitlin Geyer – Repair Liaison, Outdoor Enthusiast
Caitlin Geyer grew up in an Air Force family moving and travelling all over the world. She landed in St. Louis, Missouri where she graduated high school and began a career in women’s clothing retail. Here is where she found her love for fashion and design! In the spring of 2016 though a love for the outdoors, the mountains, and a chance to be closer to family brought her and her longtime boyfriend to beautiful Colorado Springs. Not long after that, she was eager to make a change and find a new avenue to indulge her passions, which brought her into the jewelry world. She most enjoys helping clients to find their most perfect piece to complement their wardrobe and bringing their older pieces new life. In her down time, she can be found hiking and skiing in the mountains or hanging out at home with her cats!

Jeremy Farnes Technology Guru
Jeremy Farnes – Technology Guru, Tesla Superfan
Computer technology has long held Jeremy’s interest since his first encounter with an IBM-PS1 that his mother bought at Sears. When the machine came home, he set to dismantling and figuring out how the system worked cementing his love for computers and technology. After high school, Jeremy worked as a technician for a computer store that built custom computers for businesses where he was found and recruited into defense contracting in 1998. He has spent the last 25+ years continuing to work in technology, and uses his skills to maintain all of the systems and state-of-the-industry technology at Revolution Jewelry Works. Most recently he has discovered new enjoyment in CAD/CAM jewelry design, and attended an intensive training seminar to better assist with custom jewelry design at the studio.

Freya - Shop Mascot, Retired Greyhound
Freya – Shop Mascot, Retired Greyhound
Freya was born on Patriot’s Day into a long line of champion racing Greyhounds. She knew from a very young age that running was fun, but she couldn’t understand why all the other dogs wanted to eat a toy rabbit. While she was among the fastest dogs in her age group, she was retired at the young age of 18-months because she didn’t have the prey drive to win races. Really, she knew there was more to life than running in circles! After attending an obedience course with inmates in the Colorado State Prison, she was adopted into Revolution Jewelry Works. She has been a cheerful member of the team since 2014. She likes to think, “No one can have a bad day when there’s a dog to pet!”