Jennifer Farnes

Owner, Master Faceter, Graduate Gemologist

Jennifer Farnes was born, raised, and attended college in Montana. As a child, her brothers would take her adventuring into the mountains in search of rocks, fossils, and crystals. From sapphire hunting and digging for garnets, to panning for gold and collecting minerals, her love of the outdoors and rock-hounding never subsided. In 2003 she accepted an opportunity to learn the art of stone faceting, which expanded her love of rocks into a new career. She is a full-time Master Faceter, providing custom gemstone cutting and lapidary services to jewelers across the country. She has continued her education in the jewelry industry by receiving recognition as a Graduate Gemologist. Jennifer is the heart and soul of Revolution Jewelry Works and provides expertise in all aspects of custom jewelry design.

Jennifer Farnes - Owner, Master Faceter, Graduate Gemologist
Janelle McNeil - Master Jeweler, Shop Manager

Janelle McNeil

Master Jeweler, Shop Manager, Resident Canary

Janelle McNeil is a native of Colorado and is a third-generation jeweler. She grew up in her grandparents and parents’ jewelry stores apprenticing under her mother. In 2005, Janelle began working as a professional jeweler performing repairs for different companies around Colorado.  She joined Revolution Jewelry Works in 2014 to further pursue her real passion of custom jewelry design. She likes trying new setting techniques and incorporating different types of mediums. Her goal is to create jewelry in Colorado Springs that makes a statement or at least starts a conversation. You can also purchase her personal designs at Revolution Jewelry Works from her “Nell Marie” design collection.

Caitlin Geyer

Showroom Manager, Custom Specialist, Outdoor Enthusiast

Caitlin Geyer grew up in an Air Force family moving and travelng all over the world. She landed in St. Louis, Missouri where she graduated high school and began a career in women’s clothing retail. Here is where she found her love for fashion and design! In the spring of 2016 through a love for the outdoors, the mountains, and a chance to be closer to family brought her to beautiful Colorado Springs. Not long after that, she was eager to make a change and find a new avenue to indulge her passions, which brought her into the jewelry world. She most enjoys helping clients to find their most perfect piece to complement their wardrobe and bringing their older pieces new life. In her downtime, she can be found hiking and skiing in the mountains or hanging out at home with her cats!
Caitlin Geyer - Showroom Manager, Custom Specialist
Marie Jo "MJ" Panganiban - Custom Specialist, Repair Liaison

Marie Jo “MJ” Panganiban

Custom Specialist, Repair Liaison, Foodie

Marie Jo (or as most people know her; “MJ”) was born in a little province on the northern island of The Philippines. When she was 2, her family moved to the small island of Guam where she lived most of her life. In the summer 2014, MJ made the big leap to leave her little island and come to Colorado to start a new adventure. While she has worked in retail most of her career, she found her love of jewelry in 2018. MJ loves to hear the stories and what makes every piece of jewelry special to each client. In her free time, MJ’s passion is food! Whether it is trying out a new cuisine or cooking for her friends and family, she loves the memories created around a good meal.

Hollie Arrington

Jeweler, Repair Liaison, Girl Friday

Hollie was born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado. After graduating from UCCS with a degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice, she was having a hard time finding work in her field of education. In her job search, she was presented an opportunity to work with Teri Vogan, a local jewelry store owner. Hollie soon became Teri’s apprentice, discovering her love for the jewelry world. Hollie is currently pursuing her Graduate Gemologist Certification from the Gemological Institute of America and has found a passion for colored gemstones. Hollie intends to introduce her daughter to the beautiful world of jewelry as well, creating a legacy that can be carried on for generations to come!
Hollie Arrington - Jeweler, Repair Liaison
Chris Albarran - Jeweler

Chris Albarran

Jeweler, Us Navy Veteran, Nature-Lover

A native Houstonian and 5th generation jeweler, Chris grew up learning the trade at his father’s bench very early. Even during high school, he spent the summers apprenticing at his dad’s jewelry shop. After graduation, Chris enlisted in the US Navy and proudly served 4 ½ years. Chris sailed the world during his time in the Navy, visiting many countries. During this time, he developed the desire to travel and learn about other cultures and gain a passion for photography. Once his enlistment was over, he returned to Houston and returned to working with his dad, venturing out on his own as a private jeweler in 2009. Chris loves being out in nature; mainly hiking and cycling, so he knew it was time to find a better playground. Chris moved to Colorado Springs specifically to join the Revolution Jewelry Works family. He could not think of a better place for that perfect work-life balance! He is excited to be part of RJW’s talented team and to grow his skill sets by learning the custom side of the business.

Liz Kenagy

Jeweler, Artist, Cat Lady

Growing up, Liz was always an indecisive artist. Picking up countless odd crafts like crocheting, painting, pottery, and even soap making; she always knew that creating was her passion. After moving around the country and eventually settling in Ohio, Liz was accepted into the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at Miami University. Originally a painter, Liz found that nothing was worse than doing the same thing over and over again. When she enrolled in a class for Jewelry Design, she fell in love with the extensive diversity that 3-dimensional arts like jewelry making had to offer. After graduating, she began working for a corporate jewelry chain and honing her skills behind the bench. In 2021, Liz moved across the country again; this time to Colorado in pursuit of a jewelry shop that would allow her to fine-tune her skills and pursue her dream of making her own unique jewelry.
Liz Kenagy - Jeweler
Olla York, Showroom Specialist, Custom Consultant

OlLa York

Showroom Specialist, Custom Consultant, Hippie

Olla was born & raised in Oregon, the daughter of a teacher and a tile-setter entrepreneur.  As an independent and strong-headed child, they diverted from their musical family and participated in spinning poi.  They affectionately tell everyone they were raised by “nature-loving hippies” and spent many summers gardening at home, planting trees, and learning to be respectful to nature and fellow inhabitants of the world in all ways.  One of their favorite hobbies is high-fashion makeup, and they love experimenting with new and creative ways to glamorize their unique style.  Proudly, they have always been drawn to fashion and art!  Olla began working in the jewelry industry in Oregon and quickly fell in love with every aspect of the business.  After moving to Colorado, they sought out Revolution Jewelry Works for their career, and are excited to be in control of their destiny as a part of the creative team.

Admondo Padilla

Jeweler, Go-Kart Junkie, Cat Dad

Armondo, a Colorado Native, was born and raised in Aurora as the middle kid between his 2 sisters. His father is a restaurant general manager and his mother works in loan underwriting; yet his family always encouraged him to find the things that make him happy in a career. In high school, Armondo took a jewelry making class and absolutely loved the craft and art behind creating unique designs. In 2020 he began working professionally for a large national jewelry store but wanted to do more than in his career than sizing rings and setting diamonds. Armondo pursued a career specifically with Revolution because he wanted to delve more into custom fine jewelry creation, and to be a part of a supportive team in an environment that fosters personal discovery as well as career growth! Armondo now likes to say that being a jeweler uses all of your brain, and there is always more to learn. He enjoys the outdoors and hikes regularly, is an enthusiast for single-seat race cars and go-carts, and he loves his cat named Sammy. 

Admondo Padilla

Freya (a.k.a. happiness)

In Loving Memory; Shop Mascot & Retired Greyhound

Freya was born on Patriot’s Day into a long line of champion racing Greyhounds. She knew from a very young age that running was fun, but she couldn’t understand why all the other dogs wanted to eat a toy rabbit. While she was among the fastest dogs in her age group, she was retired at the young age of 18-months because she didn’t have the prey drive to win races. Really, she knew there was more to life than running in circles! After attending an obedience course with inmates in the Colorado State Prison, she was adopted into Revolution Jewelry Works. She was a cheerful member of the team from 2014 until August 15th, 2022 when she peacefully departed after a battle with bone cancer. She always believed, “No one can have a bad day when there’s a dog to pet!”
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