Featured Handmade Jewelry Designers

Adria Gutierrez-Concannon

Mexican artisan Adria Gutierrez-Concannon describes her sterling silver fused glass jewelry as blocks in a Mayan pyramid – but with crimson, cyan, and chartreuse distinctive of the Hispanic palette. While she currently lives with her husband in St. Louis, MO – Gutierrez-Concannon started her business of “Glass Silver Jewelry” 10 years ago. The venture stems from her prior artisan jewelry-making experiences, an artistic heritage, and tricks of the trade she learned from living in Milan, Italy. Adria attributes most of her inspiration to her father, an architect in her hometown of Mexico City.

Brendan White

“Memories are what I hope to create with my jewelry designs.” Brendan grew up near Buffalo, NY and graduated from Miami University in Ohio, before moving to Colorado and falling in love with the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. He spent 26 years as a Master Jeweler, creating handmade jewelry for the Golden Bear in Vail, specializing in Pavé diamond setting. A lifetime love of art, nature and music have manifested into his line of jewelry featuring gemstones and diamonds set in Sterling Silver and 14K Gold. His goal is to create unique high quality jewelry that is affordable. “I am in the smile business – making the world a happier place, one piece of jewelry at a time!”

Candice Vostrejs

In 2006, Candice discovered metalsmithing by chance. During what should have been her last semester of school, Candice needed an extra class to fill her schedule. Metalsmithing fit the available time, so she signed up. Candice ended up loving it so much she spent 2 more years learning the art, and graduated with a BFA in Metalsmithing. Using traditional Metalsmithing techniques, she creates each piece individually from start to finish, thus allowing every design to be unique. Each item starts out as wire and sheet metal that is then cut, formed, soldered, and finished by hand. Candice’s pieces are inspired by a combination of minimalist and modern design with the beautiful and decorative touches of art nouveau. Her pieces are designed to be beautiful and feminine, but simple enough for everyday enjoyment.

Chris Makin

Chris has been creating unique artisan jewelry for over 30 years, and selling in expos, fine galleries, & art shows in Colorado and Arizona. His work has been described as simply elegant, clean architectural, and classic. All of his pieces are completely hand fabricated with no casting, molding, etc. Chris considers himself to be a metal smith at heart, who enjoys the process of designing and building from basic materials. His focus is for cleanness of lines, consist texture, proportion and balance, all coupled with beautifully colored gems. Some of his recent design interests include using Meteorites; with a particular appeal to the brilliant Widmanstätten pattern that can only be created in the coldness of space. Mr. Makin’s designs are inspired by many things; the beauty of nature, a story that was just enjoyed, or simply contemplating the universe.

Crystal Hartman

Crystal Hartman

Crystal Hartman is a multi-media artist and a jeweler. Her work has been shown at locations such as The National Palace of Culture (Sofia, Bulgaria), the Center for Contemporary Culture (Barcelona, Spain), and The Lill Street Art Gallery (Chicago, Illinois). Raised behind the jewelers bench, she received her BFA for Printmaking, focusing on Intaglio Etching and Lithography, from The University of Colorado at Boulder. Recipient of a UROP Grant, she studied Femininity in Argentina with portraiture and performance based collecting of small interviews and perspectives throughout the country. She filmed skateboarding with Null Skateboards in Spain, and studied color through public art and cultural craft in Chaing Mai, Thailand. She is inspired by travel, storytelling and the natural world, her work -large and small- opens conversations within and between disparate perspectives.

Daniel Vior

In 1983, Daniel studied fine jewelry design and production at the “Escola d’Arta I Oficis” in Barcelona, Spain. Shortly after completing his studies, he began working in a fine jewelry workshop under a renowned international designer where he received intensive training for 7 years as a goldsmith, silversmith, and jewelry designer. Daniel established himself as a freelance jewelry maker and designer in 1990. He began to create original and unique pieces, as well as developing several new jewelry techniques and practices. In 1996 he joined forces with Sergi Cardona and launched his first fine jewelry collection which featured exotic and very exclusive gemstones. He has since won several international awards for creativity and craftsmanship. Daniel prefers to design from things he sees in nature, giving many of his works a uniquely familiar organic flair.

David Luck

David’s jewelry production began years ago when a new gallery put out the call for artists and he wished to participate.  Much of his graduate metalwork at The University of Iowa was sculptural, so he started by making sterling silver jewelry using sculptural influences.  David designed bracelets that emphasized structural form and component fabrication systems rather than embellishment and precious stones.  He wanted his bracelet designs to enhance each individual’s wrist with a unique visual statement, and to be attractive on both women and men.  His instincts must have been right because now, over thirty years later, people still appreciate his solid wrought jewelry. It is a concept that never seems to go out of style.  David still makes metal sculpture and he has completed several commissions for Iowa’s Art In State Buildings Program.  Unlike his artisan jewelry, David’s sculpture has evolved to become extremely textural and embellished.  Instead of enhancing the body like his jewelry designs do, his sculptures enhance their architectural setting.

Gary Henderson

Gary Henderson, born in Havre, Montana in 1972, is the first born son of Air Force parents. After living around our country and in Japan growing up, he finally settled in Moab, Utah in 2001. He started learning about rocks and geology with his grandfather in the 1980’s and began silversmithing in 2008. What started as a way to make shiny frames for fabulous rocks has evolved into a metal-melting obsession. Gary likes to spend time playing outside as much as possible, whether on Utah’s various rivers or wandering the desert. He starts most days baking the bread and bagels at Moab’s own Red Rock Bakery.

Janelle McNeil

Janelle McNeil is a native of Colorado and is a third generation jeweler. She grew up in her grandparents and parents jewelry stores apprenticing under her mother. She has been doing jewelry repair around Colorado since 2004. She then began pursuing her real passion of jewelry design, and in 2011 started Nell Marie Jewelry Innovations create new and unconventional types of jewelry. She joined Revolution Jewelry Works as a Master Jeweler, but continues to sell her personal line in the studio and throughout the state. She likes trying new setting techniques and incorporating different types of mediums. Her goal is to create artisan jewelry that makes a statement or at least starts a conversation.

Kristin Larson

Kristin Larson

Kristin and her husband,  Richard, met in college out at the foundry, while getting their Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in sculpture. Kristin carves her original designs by hand in wax. Each piece is a tiny wearable sculpture; detailed studies of the natural world. Her work has been called love letters to nature.  Together, Kristin & Richard make each piece from start to finish in their studio, using the   ancient art of lost wax casting. The subtle imperfections and organic nature that casting can produce are what they are after. These makers marks are evidence that their pieces have been made by their own hands, infusing warmth and genuineness into their creations. They believe in crafting heirloom quality jewelry while being committed to practices that are   environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Margita Grabovska

Margisa Grabovska

“Margisa” began a career as a  graphic designer for the prepress industry. For several years she worked successfully as freelancer, but always had passion for learning more aspects of the arts.  She continually studied painting, artistic tailoring, plastering, ceramics, and finally discovered goldsmithing which became her new media.  She  professionally trained in goldsmithing for 3 years by jewelry courses at Antidotum Jewelry School in Warsaw under the finest Polish goldsmiths.  She then received a distinction prize in Fresh Metal through a 2009 contest organized by Learte Orafe (an Italian jewelry school). Later in that same year, her true adventure with gems and jewelry began as a professional jeweler for good!

Ricky McRae

Ricky McRae

A love for art and desire to tell stories led Ricky to study animation earning his B.F.A from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. Expanding upon his background in fine arts, he began designing jewelry inspired by characteristics perceived to be prevalent in both animal and human traits.  “I’m always open to learning new things. Every design demands it. From seemingly random and un-related disciplines, there’s always some defining characteristic of value in my research. The challenge of expressing these things as something you wear is what I love the most about the design process.” Ricky’s work is often androgynous as each design is emblematic of familiar qualities among genders. He continues to create works of fine art and jewelry trusting that the value of every impression is lasting.