Giving Jewelry New Life

Revolution Jewelry Works is not just another one of those jewelry stores that buy gold and diamonds; we are a locally owned Colorado Springs jewelry business known for our exceptional custom jewelry. Do you have any jewelry you don’t wear anymore, and would like to see repurposed into something new? Or do you have pieces you’d like to sell as scrap gold to us? Revolution Jewelry Works buys jewelry for scrap metal to be repurposed. We only work with jewelry manufacturers who use 100% recycled sources. We buy gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, and gemstones to use in creating custom rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pins, tie tacks, cufflinks, and other unique jewelry items.

Most gold used in jewelry is not 100% pure gold (24 karat), as gold is a soft metal that can become damaged easily. Fresh gold is made from a mixture of gold and other alloys that add strength and longevity. 18 karat gold is 75% gold and 25% other metals, 14 karat gold is 58.3% gold, and 10 karat is 41.7% gold.

 Why Choose Revolution Jewelry Works?

Revolution Jewelry Works in Colorado Springs is equipped with state-of-the-industry tools. Other Colorado Springs jewelry stores often refer their jewelry repair work to our studio specifically because of our technology and reputation for fine jewelry repair and refurbishment. Although we have the best equipment available, we keep our prices affordable. All jewelry can become damaged, even with the most diligent care. Our Master Jewelers and Bench Jewelers are highly skilled, caring craftsmen who will make sure that your jewelry repair is done correctly.

If you have jewelry pieces you no longer want or wear, or if you have a damaged or broken piece you would like us to repair, bring it in for evaluation. The amount can be applied toward a re-casting to create a new custom piece or current market value of metals. Diamonds and gems must be evaluated for size and quality. If you would like to redesign or combine a piece of jewelry with another piece or a unique element to create something new, our experts can make just about any design you can envision.

We also offer free cleanings and inspection on any jewelry, whether you purchased it from us or not. Visit us for an in-person estimate today, or call to make an appointment at Revolution Jewelry Works.