Absolutely! We have 4 full-time jewelers on our staff, and we are among the most technologically advanced jewelry stores in Colorado. With our talent and our tech, your jewelry is in the best care and stays locked up until it is time for our jewelers to perform their work.

We are happy to inspect any and all jewelry. With many jewelers retiring and fewer stores keeping their trade work on-site, we are happy to help you with any of your jewelry needs. Some local stores even refer clients to us because of our talent and technology!

Nothing at all! Cleanings and inspections are always free. If we find any issues that may cause a problem in the future, we will even provide a free quote for the repair.

We do. We have a Graduate Gemologist on-site and equipment which enables us to identify virtually all gems and metals available on the market.

Some of our services include: 1) Basic gem and diamond identification. 2) Written appraisals for obtaining insurance. 3) Estate evaluations; which includes sorting genuine pieces from costume jewelry, and evaluating which pieces may need a full written insurance appraisal if they are high-value items.

There are many variables that into sizing a ring.

1) Are we sizing the ring up or down?
2) How many sizes will it change by?
3) What kind of metal is the ring (silver, gold, platinum, palladium, or stainless steel)?
4) How many gems are in the piece?
5) Is it a part of a set that will be soldered together?
Most ring sizings start at $35, but the price can be as high as $350 for heavy rings with many gems.

We recommend only using Dawn dish soap and a toddler toothbrush. Many over-the-counter jewelry cleaners contain harsh chemicals that actually damage your jewelry! Dawn dish soap is formulated to cut through oils (as well as lotions and perfumes) without causing damage, and toddler toothbrush bristles are soft enough to clean under your gems without scratching or damaging the metal.

We recommend every 6 months (whenever you change your clocks). The reason for this frequency is everyday wear and tear on your jewelry can cause gems to become loose in their settings. Diamonds and gems are so much harder than the metals they are set in that when something comes loose it acts like a miniature saw blade that is continually cutting into your prongs and channels. It is much easier and more cost effective to tighten a gem that has recently come loose than to replace a missing stone and rebuild a setting.

Diamonds have many unique identifying characteristics. All of our workstations have cameras that allow us to show you these characteristics, and we can even print off a picture you can take with you. Once you are able to recognize the characteristics of your diamond, you will be able to better recognize your diamond in the future.

We do not accept returns. We offer exchange or store credit on showroom purchases for equal value within 30 days of purchase.

On all designs created and cast in our studio with a minimum of 60% fresh metal, our warranty is as follows: Revolution Jewelry Works guarantees against defect of workmanship on our custom designs for one year from date of take-home to include metalwork and gemstones with a Mohs hardness of 9 or higher provided by us.  Select gemstones, diamonds, and finished jewelry with a replacement value over $500 should be insured on your homeowners, renters, or individual jewelry insurance policy – and you will need to contact your insurance company in the case of loss or damage. If a high value stone falls out or is damaged within ten years of being set by us, we will work with your insurance company to replace or repair the gemstone, and we will cover your deductible up to $500.  In order to qualify for our stone loss warranty, you MUST have your custom piece of jewelry inspected by us at least once every 6 months. You are responsible for keeping track of your inspections on the inspection card provided. Keep in mind that normal wear and tear happens, and you will need to perform regular maintenance to your piece through the years. When maintenance is needed, it can include (but is not limited to) re-tipping prongs and replacing worn metal. When maintenance is recommended, work should be performed at your expense at our current repair pricing. Any recommended maintenance must be performed immediately. If a stone has fallen out as a result of neglected maintenance, misuse of jewelry, or unnatural damage; the stone loss warranty will be voided. Your stone loss warranty may be eligible for reinstatement if you have all recommended maintenance performed immediately upon inspection. On repairs; all parts & workmanship are warrantied against defects for 6 months from the date of repair. This warranty is limited only to work performed and not the jewelry as a whole. This warranty excludes loss/theft/excessive wear & tear. We will do our best to check the quality of previous repairs and the security of your settings. If we believe there is a reason for concern, we will notify you immediately. We cannot guarantee any work performed by other jewelers on our designs. We cannot be held liable for any work we did not perform. We do not pay for items to be shipped to us for inspections or maintenance. We promise to make a good faith effort to help all customers fairly and honestly. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about our warranties at any time! 

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