Engagement Rings

Custom Engagement Rings

Getting engaged is an exciting time and choosing the rings that embody your personal feelings and reflect your own unique style is a big part of the process. Most jewelry stores have a finite amount of designs available with a limited amount of flexibility when it comes to modification and personalization. You and your partner are unlike any other couple, and your engagement rings should reflect that uniqueness in a way that makes you smile every time you gaze at your rings, the symbol of your love and commitment to one another.

At Revolution Jewelry Works, we’re committed to crafting your custom engagement ring with the utmost care and attention to detail. Making unique engagement rings is one of the things we do best, and our customers have helped us the receive “Best of Colorado Springs” award by readers of both The Gazette & The Independent. We’re also proud to have received national recognition as one of “America’s Coolest Stores” by InStore Magazine.

Our focus on unique fine jewelry, custom jewelry design, jewelry repair, and on-site gemstone faceting and lapidary services has resulted in a steady customer following, and our business has grown faster than expected since we first opened in Colorado Springs in 2013. When they want unique, custom engagement rings, Colorado couples come to Revolution Jewelry Works. Our experts can help you create the design of your dreams in Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Silver, Stainless Steel, and Cobalt. We often tell our clients that physics is the only limitation.

Our Custom Jewelry Process is comprised of six steps: 

  1. Consultation (no appointment necessary – 1 to 2 hours)
  2. CAD/CAM Design (Completed by our designers – 3 to 8 hours)
  3. Wax Creation (Digitally carved in-studio – 2 to 6 hours)
  4. Investing (Completed by our jewelers on scheduled days – 1 hour)
  5. Burnout, Casting, & Quenching (By appointment)
  6. Finishing

Your custom jewelry design is created locally in our Colorado Springs studio and can be visualized digitally before it is even cast, ensuring the finished piece will be exactly what you have been dreaming of for your custom engagement ring.

Don’t settle for an ordinary, mass produced, one-of-many kind of engagement ring; get the one-of-a-kind, extra special, custom engagement ring you deserve from the experts at Revolution Jewelry Works. If you can dream it, we can create it! Come by and visit us to make your unique engagement ring dreams come true.