Naturally, white Palladium is a platinum group metal, rare and lustrous, and is recently repopularized by celebrities on the red carpet. Palladium is less dense than platinum and therefore more affordable, although it exhibits the same purity and brilliant white tone.

We offer the following palladium jewelry repair and refurbishing services:

  • Ring resizing
  • Clasp repair and replacement
  • Chain repair and replacement of broken links
  • Setting repair
  • Head replacement
  • Channel rebuilding
  • Shank repair and replacement
  • Readjusting misaligned prongs
  • Prong tipping
  • Reshaping
  • Gemstone and diamond tightening
  • Gemstone and diamond faceting and repair

Why Choose Revolution Jewelry Works for your Palladium Jewelry Repair?

All jewelry can become damaged due to normal wear and tear, accidents, or extreme conditions. Our talented team of Master Jewelers and highly skilled Bench Jewelers successfully handle some of the most challenging tasks in the jewelry business. You can rest easy knowing that your palladium jewelry is in the hands of a caring craftsman throughout the entire repair process. The workshop at Revolution contains state-of-the-industry tools, which allow for the widest variety of palladium jewelry repair and refurbishment services in Colorado Springs, but just because we have the best equipment doesn’t mean our prices are off the charts. Precious stones can become lost due to bent or broken prongs, rings can crack, and delicate clasps on bracelets and necklaces can break. No matter how challenging your palladium ring repair, our master craftsmen will make sure that the work that is done is top notch, and your palladium jewelry will be restored to its former beauty and functionality, better than before, and at a price you can afford.

All our jeweler benches are equipped with microscopes to give each team member hands-free magnification while performing the repair in our Colorado Springs repair shop. We also have a laser welder and tack welder on site, enabling us to perform repair work on even the most delicate pieces. Many local jewelry stores often refer their palladium jewelry repair work to our studio specifically because of our technology.

Do you have broken or damaged jewelry you would like to redesign or perhaps merge with another piece to create something new and unique? Our friendly palladium jewelry repair experts care about restoring jewelry with sentiment and meaning to you and will gladly create the design you envision. We also offer free cleanings and inspection on any jewelry, whether you purchased it from us or somewhere else. Bring your palladium jewelry to us for an in-person estimate or call 719-650-6000 to make an appointment at Revolution Jewelry Works.

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