Platinum jewelry has had an interesting history. Prior to World War II, it was the metal of choice for engagement and wedding rings and many other fine jewelry pieces. During the war, however, platinum was classified as a strategic metal and therefore became off limits to jewelers. White gold then became the popular replacement for platinum. Today platinum is enjoying a renaissance; in fact, platinum consumption in America has risen by over 400 percent since 1992. Platinum has a very high melting temperature, making it slightly different to work with, but not necessarily more difficult if you have the training and expertise like that of our in house jewelry repair masters.
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We offer the following platinum jewelry repair and refurbishing services:

  • Ring resizing
  • Clasp repair and replacement
  • Chain repair and replacement of broken links
  • Setting repair
  • Head replacement
  • Channel rebuilding
  • Shank repair and replacement
  • Readjusting misaligned prongs
  • Prong tipping
  • Reshaping
  • Gemstone and diamond tightening
  • Gemstone and diamond faceting and repair

Why Choose Revolution Jewelry Works for your Platinum Jewelry Repair?

Revolution Jewelry Works in Colorado Springs is equipped with state-of-the-industry tools that give us the ability to successfully complete your platinum jewelry repair and refurbishment. Other Colorado Springs jewelry stores often refer their platinum jewelry repair work to our studio specifically because of our technology and reputation for fine jewelry repair and refurbishment. Although we have the best equipment available, we still keep our prices affordable for you. All platinum jewelry can become damaged, even with the most diligent care. Accidents happen, and even normal wear and tear can result in the need for repair. Our Master Jewelers and Bench Jewelers are not only highly skilled, but also caring craftsmen. No matter how challenging your jewelry repair, our platinum experts will make sure that the repair is done correctly, and your platinum jewelry is returned to its former glory – perhaps even better than before!

If you have a broken or damaged piece of platinum jewelry you’d like to repair, redesign or combine with another piece of jewelry or a unique element to create something new and unique, our platinum experts can create just about any design you can dream up. We also offer free cleanings and inspection on any jewelry, whether you purchased it from us or somewhere else. Bring your platinum jewelry to us for an in-person estimate or call 719-650-6000 to make an appointment at Revolution Jewelry Works.

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