Marquise Cut Diamonds and Gemstones

The wide variety of different objects marquise cut diamonds have been compared to – a smile, football, an eye, and more – speaks to how unique and visually interesting the cut is, but diamond cutters often refer to it as a “navette.” In French, navette means “little ship” and the word perfectly describes the hull-like shape you see in a marquise cut diamond. Regardless of what object you think it most resembles or what word you think best describes the unique shape, there is no denying the fact that a marquise cut gemstone is a great option for brides seeking a non-traditional look.

The first, original version of the marquise cut diamond was created over 300 years ago by a jeweler hired by King Louis XV, the king of France at the time. It’s said that he wanted the cut to resemble the lips of his primary mistress, as he believed them to be perfectly shaped. How…romantic? Louis’ mistress was the Marquise of Pompadour, the title of Marquise referring to a female noble figure in French society, and it’s here that the marquise cut diamond gets its name. Today, the cut has been worn by many a celebrity, from Catherine Zeta-Jones to Victoria Beckham to Jennifer Lopez to name a few. As alluded to before, it’s a popular choice among brides looking for a non-traditional look because unlike the round cut most commonly seen in other engagement rings, a marquise cut diamond will turn heads because the center stone’s shape is exceptionally unique and has the largest surface area of any other diamond cut. In short, the cut is an old-world elegance simplified, and it works for more than just engagement rings. A marquise-cut gemstone or diamond will be a great addition to any jewelry collection and add some glamorous appeal.

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