Revolution Exclusives Honeycomb Pendant


Revolution Exclusive Designs are a way for you to create uniquely customized items without needing to start from scratch.


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These designs began as a fun collaboration for our team back in 2017.  Each year, every member of our team is given a set of design parameters to create something they would want to buy as individuals.  Our CAD designers collaborate internally to make each individual’s sketches a 3-dimensional reality, we then create the prototypes, cast the designs, and place the finished pieces into our showcases as ready-to-wear gifts!

These exclusives are also a great way to be able to create a unique custom in a short timeline!  You can choose the design you like the most, then select the type of metal for casting and pick the gems to be set; resulting in an individualized piece made specifically for you!

As for our production – these designs are limited to a special edition of 50 pieces!  Once we have produced and numbered 50 items, the design is permanently retired ensuring your piece will be part of a truly limited collection for all time.

*Pricing includes setting labor.  Excludes gemstones and chains. For gemstone options, contact us for a direct quote.

Stone size shown:  5.0mm Round

Metal Type

Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold, Platinum, Sterling

Metal Purity

10K, 14K, 18K, 90% Platinum / 10% Ruthenium, 90% Platinum / 10% Iridium, 925


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