Revolution Jewelry Works – Top Ten Jewelry Gift Guide

Ahh… can you feel that cold breeze in the air? The Holiday season is upon us yet again!

Nothing adds a little warmth back into the season quite like a sparkling piece of jewelry. Because in our opinion, the timeless gift you can’t go wrong with for a loved one is a shining piece of fine jewelry.

What can be more festive than a lustrous silver, gold, or diamond piece??

Unsurprisingly, the most popular gift option for the Season is still jewelry. But deciding which sparkling piece is a perfect fit for your loved one can be overwhelming.

So here is the simplified Top 10 Gift Guide to finding the perfect piece this Holiday shopping season.

1) Diamond Studs

Nothing says “ageless” quite like a pair of diamond studs. Versatile for both everyday wear or a night out, this jewelry option you can’t go wrong with. Whether lab or natural, this gift option is a classic piece for every woman.

2) Tennis Bracelet

Tennis Bracelet

Otherwise known as the “Line” bracelets, this piece is a jewelry staple. Passed down through generations as family heirlooms, the tennis bracelet has become a modern “must-have” desired by women as the “safe bet” in jewelry due to their most current layered styling abilities, rejuvenating the piece.

3) Gold Chains

Gold Chains

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple, sturdy gold chain. Replace all broken delicate pieces from previous holidays with a consistent piece that will enhance jewelry wardrobes even for your most picky gift receivers

4) High-Art Gold Ring

Add a “wow factor” for special occasions in an original piece of a high-art-influenced gold ring. Add a chic piece of art to every outing through a standout piece to uniquely showcase a single jewelry piece.

5) Earring Jackets

Earring jackets are the adaptable add-on accessory needed in every jewelry collection. Spice up existing posts or studs by adding a little extra sparkle to their beauty. Available in a variety of designs, jackets sit below the lobes adding an extra component that wraps around the stud to enhance any piece.

6) Strand of Pearls

No longer a jewelry gift for just Grandma because pearls are in again! Perfect for any style with endless customization and great for any budget! With diverse collections from bracelets to full-length necklaces, giving a pearl piece is an enduring gem you can’t go wrong with.

7) Tungsten Ring

Ranging from sophisticated to gleaming showstopper pieces, Tungsten Rings have become “all the rage” with their affordability and wide-ranging varieties for both men and women. This piece makes the perfect gift to spruce up your loved ones’ stockings!

8) Vintage Chandelier Earrings

Diamond studs are fabulous, but give the gift of History with a show-stopping piece for the ages. Inspired by the Victorian era but timeless for any era, give the avid collector a piece to add to their repertoire with a story behind it.

9) Sterling Necklace

You can’t go wrong with this simplistic piece and in this case, “simple” doesn’t equal boring! Sterling necklaces come with special meanings as you can personalize your options with engravements and incorporate birthstones to give this classic piece an added personalized charm.

10) Gift Certificate with a Loose Diamond

Have a hands-on recipient? Try a preselected diamond of your choice with a certificate to come back after the holiday so your loved one can choose directly how they would like their diamond set whether it be a tennis bracelet or diamond studs. Add the element of intimacy in the process of crafting the perfect piece together for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Narrowing your jewelry search is just the first step to the perfect Holiday jewelry gift this season. Still having trouble tapering down that gift list? If you are in the Colorado Springs area, come pay Revolution Jewelry Works a visit where we can help guide you to the perfect Holiday jewelry gift selection!

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