Jewelry repair requires expertise and skill, no matter what metal or stones are involved. Working with pieces of silver jewelry offers special challenges, often making it more difficult to work with than gold. Sterling silver is a soft metal alloy made up of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of another metal, which is usually copper. Sterling silver is easy to manipulate, but stronger than pure silver, which is not strong enough to work well in jewelry as it can bend quite easily. Silver jewelry pieces can oxidize over time, causing the metal to darken. This can easily be remedied with proper cleaning and polishing. Storing silver jewelry in a sealed container can help prevent oxidation from occurring. At Revolution Jewelry Works, our jewelry repair experts are highly adept at working with all types of metals in jewelry design and repair, including silver.

We offer the following silver jewelry repair and refurbishing services:

  • Ring resizing
  • Chain repair and replacement of broken links
  • Clasp repair and replacement
  • Setting repair
  • Channel rebuilding
  • Head replacement
  • Shank repair and replacement
  • Prong tipping
  • Readjusting misaligned prongs
  • Reshaping
  • Gemstone and diamond faceting and repair
  • Gemstone and diamond tightening

Why Choose Revolution Jewelry Works for your Silver Jewelry Repair?

Jewelry is meant to be worn and appreciated, but with the wearing comes the risk of damage, including breakage, scratches, dents, and stone loss. The Master Jewelers and Bench Jewelers at Revolution Jewelry Works are skillful at repairing even the most challenging silver jewelry. When you bring your sterling silver jewelry pieces to us, you can be assured that your jewelry is in the hands of an expert craftsman who cares about meticulously repairing sterling silver jewelry that has sentiment and meaning for you.

Our craftsmen have access to the latest industry tools and equipment that allow us to offer our customers a full range of silver jewelry repair in Colorado Springs. We have worked hard to keep our prices affordable for you. We know how much your jewelry means to you, and no matter how challenging your silver jewelry repair project may be, our caring master craftsmen will go the extra mile to provide you with expertly executed jewelry repair. Your sterling silver jewelry will be lovingly restored to its former beauty at a reasonable price.

State of the art microscopes provide each of our master jewelers with hands-free magnification to aid in exacting repair of your silver jewelry. A laser welder and tack welder on site further enable us to complete detailed repair work on the most delicate and intricate jewelry. Many local jewelry stores often refer their silver jewelry repair in Colorado Springs to our studio because of our technology.

If you have broken or damaged silver jewelry you want to redesign, repair, or perhaps combine with another piece of jewelry or other memento to create something new and different, bring it to our shop and let’s discuss the possibilities.

We also offer free cleanings and inspection on any piece of jewelry, whether you purchased it from us or somewhere else. Bring your sterling silver jewelry to us for an instant estimate or call 719-650-6000 to make an appointment at Revolution Jewelry Works.

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