A briolette-cut diamond is a drop-shaped diamond with triangular facets all around. The number of facets makes the stone appear even more brilliant. The triangular facets cover the stone’s circular cross-section entirely. 

The briolette is among the ancient stones discovered before the 19th century. It can have an angular or rounded form where the upper hemisphere is normally taller than the lower hemisphere. 

While typical diamonds have a specific number of facets, there is no limit to the number of facets that should be in a briolette-cut diamond. In ancient times, the size of the diamond determined the number of facets. 

The History of Briolette-cut Diamond 

The drop-shaped briolette diamond cut is among the ancient diamond cuts. It has been in the jewelry space for more than 800 years. The cut was very popular and was only reserved for people with noble standings. A perfect example is the famous necklace gifted to Empress Marie Louse by Napoleon. It is said that the necklace contained ten facets. 

Its popularity dropped significantly due to the changes in the manufacturing processes and advancement of technology in the diamond market. The briolette was revived back to glory in the Art Deco and Victorian era, but it never regained its prominence past the post-war years and the depression in the 20th century. Most viewed the briolette cut as an inefficient use of diamond. 

However, some celebrities have made briolette a part of today’s jewelry world. It is essential to note that briolette remains a rare and unique cut, perfect for people who like standing out. 

Why Briolette Cut Diamond is Popular 

The briolette-cut diamond is mostly used in vintage and antique diamond plans. Their appearance adds some show to the jewelry space. People prefer this diamond cut since it has complete symmetry and maximizes light reflection. 

The briolette cut gemstone gets even more captivating when mounted as a pendant. Today, there are different fancy briolette-cut diamonds and colors that offer customers a creative solution. Besides, customers can combine different fancy colors and use them on a single piece of jewelry. 

What are the Pros and Cons of The Briolette Diamond Cut? 

There are more advantages of the briolette cut over its disadvantages. 


  • A properly done briolette cut diamond offers stunning results and gives the jewelry resistance to wear and tear. 
  • The cut is rare and valuable, thus creating that wow effect whenever someone puts it on. The style is ideal for people seeking premium pieces to stand out in special events. 
  • The briolette diamond cut’s brilliance is higher than that of other cuts since it has many facets and does not have a table. This also increases light reflections and the flow of light. 
  • Unlike the brilliant-cut diamond, it is easy to view the diamond cut from any angle. It also means that it is possible to note any flaw with the briolette cut diamond readily. 


  • The briolette-cut diamond can be very expensive. Buyers with a tight budget can choose the marquise cut or the pear-shaped diamond. 
  • The briolette-cut gemstone is not ideal for daily use since it is susceptible to wear and tear compared to other diamond cuts. However, if this is gently worn and cared for often, this is a spectacular cut that might is sure to stand out. 

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