Today’s modern men are gravitating towards something a little different

In the past, men’s wedding bands have been a pretty simple addition to any marriage ceremony. While a woman’s ring is often strategically chosen to compliment her engagement ring, men have seemed to focus more on subtlety and class. A simple ring that showcases their commitment to their spouse, but not in a flashy way.

Men’s rings have been kept traditional and relatively plain, but in an era of extreme personalization and passion for self-expression, today’s modern men are opting for newer, more creative styles that have prompted a unique niche in the world of men’s jewelry: men’s custom wedding bands. These men want one-of-a-kind bands that reflect their individuality and have a deeper meaning than a merely symbolic gold band. This enables them to customize based on their tastes, preferences, and particular style, and the outcome is a band that is completely unique to them.

To many men, this is much more meaningful and announces their commitment to their spouse on a more personal level. Something that is just for the two of them to understand and enjoy. To create these unique bands, it is important to make a few considerations about the elements that will go into your ring to make it truly yours.

To get the look and feel that you want, explore some of the ways that rings can be made, and see what sticks out in your mind. Remember that your ring should reflect who you are personally.

  • Think About the Detailing – consider any meaningful crests, letters, or details that you want to be incorporated into the design of your band. This is your chance to add important symbols that you associate with.
  • Gemstones – different gemstones can have personal meaning or simply add an accent of color to your band. Birthstones, diamonds, and other gems can be placed subtly in your design or used to make a bolder statement.
  • Metal Selection – remember, your band does not have to be gold anymore (unless that’s what you want). There are other metals that can enhance the look and feel of your wedding band and even make it more durable or resistant to scratching – such as tungsten or platinum.
  • Made to Match – If you are planning to match his & her bands (or his and his bands), consider bringing elements from one ring into the next, such as diamonds or metal accents. This keeps both rings unique but creates a pair that is meant to be together – just like the two of you!
  • Daily use – any men have complained that their rings get scuffed and dirty depending on their career. When planning your men’s custom wedding band, consider how it will perform on a daily basis, and choose elements that support your lifestyle.
  • Budget – Like any jewelry, the more you add and customize, the more the cost rises to account for the materials that you wish to use. Be sure to set an obtainable budget that will enable you to create the men’s custom wedding band that you really want.

How It Works

Creating men’s custom wedding bands requires innovative software that can dive deep into the details and produce an accurate design. Revolution Jewelry Works uses this technology to create wedding bands that are completely unique to you. The process begins by sitting down with one of our jewelry designers and planning out each element of your ring. The possibilities are virtually endless, and we will work with you to pull ideas from your imagination and bring them to life. Our designers will then create digital designs of your band to realize the specific architecture and you will be able to swap out different characteristics to see multiple options for the finished product. Learn more about  Revolution Jewelry Works custom creation process.

Create a Ring That Suits Your Style

Men’s custom wedding bands are a great way to show off your individual style and create a personal connection to your spouse. If the traditional gold band feels more like a prop than anything else, choose a custom solution that will be designed with purpose and meaning, and show the world what you are all about.

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