Combining the sleek straight edges of the square cut with the softness and femininity of the round cut, the cushion cut diamond is the perfect combination of old-world elegance and classic charm. Some might call it an “old-new classic.” The cushion cut diamond features round corners and large facets that give it more rainbow-colored flashes of light (fire & scintillation) than many traditional cuts, achieving an eye-catching brilliant look. This strong sparkling quality typically comes at a lower price per carat when compared to other popular brilliant cuts. This has made the cushion cut gemstone a popular choice for engagement rings, and they’ve been seen on the fingers of celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Gabrielle Union, Chrissy Teigen, Jennifer Garner, and more. While the brilliance might seem like too much for those who prefer a more antique look, the cushion-cut diamond can have a vintage feel if paired with the appropriate vintage-styled details.


What is a Cushion-Cut Gemstone?

The cushion-cut gemstone gets its name from the way its soft, rounded corners and square shape resemble a cushion. However, it wasn’t an actual cushion that inspired the shape of this cut.

The origins of the cushion cut diamond can be traced back to 1700s Brazil, and it owes its now instantly recognizable shape to the faceting design of the old mine cut that was created around that time. Back in the 18th century, most diamond mining took place in Brazil because the mines in India, the world’s first source for diamonds, began to dry up. Brazilian stonecutters utilized what would come to be known as the old mine cut because the diamonds produced in their mines were rough, and the cut maximized their carat retention. Eventually, diamonds were discovered in South Africa, and the mines in Brazil became known as the “old mines,” hence the old mine cut name. This precursor to the cushion cut gemstone was immensely popular throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.

The old mine cut was the biggest source of inspiration for what we know today as the cushion cut diamond, but other cuts like the Peruzzi and candlelight were also influential. As diamond cutting technology, tools, and techniques became more advanced, the cushion cut evolved to the design we see today. It combined patterns from the old mine cut with the aspects of the round brilliant cut to create a beautiful gemstone that has become increasingly popular.

The high level of brilliance is one of the most obvious pros of the cushion cut, and the fire comes at a significantly more affordable price per carat than many of the other brilliant cuts. The cushion cut is also a more durable gemstone due to its rounded edges, and its popularity means you can easily find a variety of different cushion cut diamond jewelry.

The cushion cut is not without its cons. The table allows for a very clear view of imperfections and inclusions in the stone and it displays color tone better than other cuts, meaning it can appear to have a more saturated color on the grading scale.

Whether you’ve always dreamt of having a unique cushion cut gemstone piece of jewelry or are intrigued by the cut and want to experiment with the gorgeous pieces you can make, there’s nowhere better than the custom jewelry design studio at Revolution Jewelry Works to help bring your vision to life. Stop by today or fill out an online contact form to get started!

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