With an outline that resembles the emerald cut but the ability to show far more brilliance, radiant cut diamonds are just that – radiant. Radiant cut diamonds certainly live up to their name and owe their impressive radiance to the 70 facets found in the pavilion and crown that require expert craftsmanship to create. Radiant cut diamonds are very similar to cushion cut diamonds, a cut that dates back to the early 19th century. The cushion-cut offers far less brilliance and offers a vintage flair, while radiant-cut gemstones have a more modern edge to them.

In the diamond world, radiant-cut gemstones are second only to the round cut in terms of fire and sparkle, but only slightly. It should more than satisfy anyone looking for a non-rounded diamond with beautiful sparkle, and radiant cut diamonds make for a great engagement ring! In addition to its excellent sparkle, radiant-cut gemstones also appear larger than most others of the same carat weight, so it can feel like you’re getting more for the same price. That size also means the cut will add some extra presence to your finger.

What is a Radiant-Cut Gemstone?

Designed by Henry Grossbard in 1977, radiant cut diamonds haven’t been around for all that long. Grossbard set out to combine elements of the round brilliant and emerald-cut, hence the shape and sparkle present in radiant-cut gemstones. Prior to this creation, Grossbard had worked for thirty years as a master diamond cutter. This modern cut first became popular in the 1980s and has since stayed fairly popular for several reasons. People love the radiant cut because of its sparkle, but also because the extra facets can conceal inclusions, thus giving it a higher level of clarity. Recently, you’ve likely seen them on the fingers of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Megan Fox, Drew Barrymore, and Khloe Kardashian.

One of the best things the radiant cut has going for it is the incredible brilliance, rivaled only by the round brilliant cut. However, radiant-cut gemstones do show more color than a round brilliant. There is a stereotype that the most beautiful things are also some of the most fragile, but it isn’t true in this case. The large number of facets on radiant-cut gemstones make internal inclusion and surface imperfections less noticeable than they would be in other cuts. The radiant cut also maximizes the carat weight of a diamond, visually highlighting the beauty of the gemstone rather than hiding the bulk of its weight under the surface of the stone. But radiant cut diamonds aren’t for everyone. People who prefer a more understated look, whether that be less sparkle, a smaller cut, or both, likely won’t like radiant-cut gemstones.

Whether you’ve always dreamt of a uniquely gorgeous radiant cut diamond or gemstone that maximizes sparkle and scintillation, have just been inspired to get one, or have an idea of the perfect piece of jewelry that’s perfect for a different cut, the Revolution Jewelry Works custom jewelry design studio can help you bring your vision to life! To get started, simply fill out our online contact form or come visit us in person!

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