Salt and Pepper Diamonds, also known as Dalmatian Diamonds, Galaxy Diamonds, and Grey Diamonds, have a certain sense of personality that goes along with the name. The terms all reference the specific inclusions in the diamond that can look like a sprinkling of salt and pepper, the spots on a dalmatian, or the twinkling far-away stars in our galaxy. Salt and pepper diamonds are sprinkled with specks of white and black that form a unique smoky and smooth look, giving them so many names.

Salt and pepper diamond jewelry have a special personality and flare. Read on to learn more about this peculiar gem!

What is a Salt and Pepper Diamond?

The salt and pepper diamond is a very unique stone not only because it features distinguishable imperfections, but because the specks of black and white are what make them covetable. While ordinary diamond stones compete to achieve the highest level of perfection, salt and pepper diamonds are desired for their imperfections that provide each stone its own unique characteristics.

Interestingly, there isn’t a single inclusion responsible for salt and pepper diamonds’ unique appearance. Instead, several inclusions create the various looks in these stones.



The diamonds can be close to dark or light gray, milky, and almost colorless. Unlike a normal diamond, salt and pepper diamonds have just moderate sparkle levels. Rather than a bright shine, the imperfection in the stone is celebrated and sought after.

The imperfections in the salt and pepper diamonds are small, largely white, clear, and black inclusions that can look like different things to different people, hence the multitude of names.  The composition of inclusions varies depending on the size and shape of the stone.

It is essential to note that two salt and pepper diamonds will never look alike. Black salt and pepper diamonds are more distinguishable than those with white inclusions. This is because black inclusions have sulfide and graphite impurities that give this diamond its character.


The durability of the stones varies depending on its size and cut, and the number of inclusions can also affect the durability and strength. While not as durable as a traditional diamond with minimal inclusions, these unusual diamonds with their visible characteristics are still extremely durable when compared to any colored gemstone alternatives and many types of glass-enhanced diamonds.  They are sure to stand the test of time!

Why are Salt and Pepper Diamonds So Popular?

Initially, salt and pepper diamonds were not accepted in the market because their appearance was so different from what people typically looked for in a diamond. However, the stone has become trendy as brides continue to pick jewelry that makes them stand out. As the market slowly embraces salt and pepper diamonds’ imperfections, they continue to gain more popularity.

Another factor contributing to the popularity of these diamonds is that they are eco-friendly. Since the diamonds come raw and rough-hewn, miners can save more resources than when mining regular diamonds. This makes salt and pepper diamond jewelry something that green lifestyle jewelry enthusiasts can love.

Salt and pepper diamonds come in any size and shape, allowing diamond cutters to flex with the design process. The salt and pepper diamond prices depend on the size of the stone and its rarity. It is important to note that these stones are less expensive than the typical 4C diamonds, and many people choose them because they are a more cost-effective option.

Are There Any Differences in the Stones with the Different Names?

You may wonder if there are any differences between the salt and pepper diamonds, dalmatian diamonds, galaxy diamonds, and grey diamonds? While this diamond has many names, there are no notable differences between the variations. Every salt and pepper diamond will have its own unique appearance due to the imperfections that give this diamond its speckled look. Some will have more inclusions than others, giving your stone a darker appearance. This stone can be found in dark and moody shades as well as brighter ones with just a few small specks. Others can look almost completely gray. No matter the stone’s name, its identifiable characteristics are the imperfections found within it.

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