Emerald cut diamonds and gemstones are some of the most unique cuts on the market with elegant, steeped cuts resembling stairs that stray from the traditional triangle or kite-shaped facets. The unique look alone makes emerald cut engagement rings, diamonds, gemstones, and other jewelry a popular choice for those looking to stand out and make a statement with a distinctive piece but it’s the popularity among celebrities that has really sent this trend skyrocketing. From Jennifer Lopez to Beyoncé to Angelina Jolie and more – it seemed like every celebrity that’s gotten engaged over the past few years has an emerald cut engagement ring and other emerald cut diamonds complimenting their outfits at red carpet events. Thanks to their influence, emerald cuts diamonds and other gemstones are now immensely popular and the trend looks like it’s here to stay.

Emerald-Cut Diamonds and Gemstones – What Are They?

Although it only gained popularity recently, emerald cut diamonds are one of the oldest diamond shapes! Dating back to the 16th century, the shape was initially created for emeralds – hence the name – but because the cut reduces pressure during the cutting process and prevented chips in the gems diamond cutters took notice and adopted the process. However, it didn’t get the name “emerald cut” until the rise of the Art Deco movement in the early to the mid-20th century. The Art Deco movement was characterized by clean lines, bold, symmetrical geometry, and detailed work so emerald cut diamonds aligned with this perfectly. Thus, emerald-cut engagement rings, diamonds, and other precious stones were about just as popular back then as they are today.

Pros and Cons of Emerald Cut Diamonds and Gemstones

As with any cut, there are a variety of positives and negatives that come with them and despite their popularity, emerald cut diamonds aren’t for everybody.

For those wanting a larger-looking stone by carat weight, an emerald cut is a perfect option. The cut makes the stone appear bigger and more prominent than other cuts in the same carat and weight because of traditional faceting angles used in the design. This makes emerald-cut engagement rings the ideal choice for those looking to have a large stone to showcase their love.

If you are shopping for an emerald cut diamond, a higher clarity grade paired with the large surface table and long step cuts give off gorgeous reflections at practically every angle. It is an effect that is unique to step-cut styles such as the emerald cut and Asscher cut.  If you’re someone who wants their jewelry to be noticed or make a big statement with their jewelry, the emerald cut is for you. This same property can be a con for others that don’t want their jewelry to be as noticeable.

Another pro is the fact that emerald cut diamonds come in a variety of sizes, meaning they can be used in cufflinks, earrings, necklaces, and more in addition to emerald cut engagement rings.

The only con to an emerald cut is how the large facets reflect any inclusions, which almost emphasize clarity characteristics in emerald cut diamonds especially.  The large table featured in the emerald cut means you can see directly through the diamond, making cuts and other blemishes very noticeable. Blemishes being this obvious can be a huge con for those who don’t want their jewelry to be prone to showing imperfections.

Designing Your Emerald Cut Ring

Here at Revolution Jewelry Works, we can help you design the emerald cut ring of your dreams at a price you can afford right here in Colorado Springs! The Custom Jewelry Process begins with a consultation at our studio where our experts will help you plan out the type of stone and the metals that will be used in your custom piece. Contact Us or visit our studio today to get started with this process and speak with our experts!

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