Did you know that three out of every four jewelry clients have jewelry made with a round brilliant diamond? The round brilliant is classic & compliments every look and style.

In addition to its timeless appearance, this cut design has a low chipping risk and possesses the most sparkle & scintillation of any cut. Keep reading to learn more about this diamond cut.

What Is A Round Brilliant Gemstone Or Diamond?

The round brilliant is usually cut from a rough diamond, which explains why some of its characteristics and contours are similar to many rough diamond crystals. This diamond cut has symmetrical and well-polished poetic curves and contours designed to reflect most of the light entering it. This is what enables it to exude its exceptional brilliance.

What Comprises A Round Brilliant Cut?

The main features of round-brilliant diamonds include:

1. Facets

Facets determine the scintillation level of a diamond cut. Round brilliant pieces typically feature 57 or 58 facets, which fall into three main categories: Table, crown, and pavilion facets. The table facet, usually larger than the other facets, helps collect light from the outside and direct it into the diamond. The crown facets — made up of 32 facets — give the round brilliant its remarkable white scintillation by dispersing the light that penetrates the diamond into white light.

The pavilion is usually located at the lowest pointed part of the round brilliant and is specifically designed to reflect the light through the crown to the observer’s eye. All of these facets work together simultaneously to give the round brilliant its unique look and feel that we all love and cherish.

2.  Clarity, Color

Other than a precision cut, the color and clarity are other factors that ensure a round-cut diamond is stunning. A diamond with some color gives a diamond warmth and beauty from its reflections, but colorless diamonds are the rarest of all. Diamond clarity refers to the degree to which blemishes are present in a single gem. The clearer the diamond, the more valuable it is. That’s why it’s important for buyers to always look for visible blemishes and any inclusions before they buy a diamond.

Pros of Round Brilliant Diamond Cuts

The round brilliant is inarguably the most popular diamond cut ever made, and this begs the question: Why is it so popular? Below are factors that make the round brilliant diamond highly desirable:

  • They are beautiful and have a classic appearance.
  • They are a timeless style, which you can pass down to future generations.
  • They complement different designs and match well with most modern outfits.
  • They are sparkly and appealing to the eye.
  • Those who own jewelry made with round brilliant diamonds aren’t joking when they say their round brilliant jewelry makes them feel stunning and confident.
  • They are elegant and designed to keep their brilliance for years to come.

Is The Round Brilliant Cut Easy to Customize?

Yes, it is. An experienced jeweler can beautifully trim and cut a round brilliant diamond to your taste and class. You can always give your jeweler meaningful details such as letters and different designs to be incorporated into your jewelry. You can also choose to work in many metals that will complement your diamond to give a piece an enhanced and durable design.

Let Us Design For You Personalized Jewelry

At Revolution Jewelry Works, we’re all about helping our clients find the perfect piece of jewelry to create lifelong memories. Our happiness lies in ensuring all clients have the best experience possible. We also equip our customers with the right information needed when buying a round brilliant gemstone. Contact us today and let us help you bring your dream jewelry to life.

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